Best Modified Supercars at SEMA

Best Modified Supercars at SEMA

Widebody Corvettes, Lowered Ferraris, and Amazing Lamborghinis

These mid engined supercars were built to be fast, but some builders at SEMA this year decided that they did not look cool enough. Widebody, air suspension, big wings and aero, three-piece wheels and of course fancy paint makes these stand out from their stock counterparts. Whether you are a purist or prefer modified cars, this set of cars we saw will definitely stun you.

With the new Corvette mid engined propelling the brand into supercar territory, many companies have jumped on the opportunity to transform the corvette body into something more stunning. Many jaw dropping wide body corvettes were on display here in Las Vegas.

Vivid Auto Body C8 Corvette Carbon WIdebody at SEMA 2021
Vehicle: Vivid Autobody Carbon Widebody C8 Corvette
Booth: Universal Air
Supercar Driven blue Widebody C8 Corvette
Vehicle: Supercar Driven Blue Widebody C8 Corvette
TJ Hunt Streethunter white Widebody C8 Corvette at SEMA 2021
Vehicle: TJ Hunt’s Streethunter Widebody C8 Corvette
Booth: Magnaflow
Duraflex Grey Widebody C8 Corvette at SEMA 2021
Vehicle: Duraflex Widebody C8 Corvette

If we raise our budget by a lot we get to see this cool Mint green Ferrari 488 that has been lowered, put on some nice white wheels and subjected to downforce. Brought to us by DNA Motoring.

DNA Motoring MINT Green Ferrari 488 at SEMA 2021
Vehicle: DNA Motoring Ferrari 488

Also brought to us by DNA Motoring is this AMG GT that looks like its ready for a track day and a clean car show at the same time.

Vehicle: DNA Motoring AMG GT
Booth: DNA Motoring

FInally we have a couple Lambo’s that have gotten the treatment as well. This is youtuber TJ Hunt’s British Racing Green Lamborghini Huracan with a 1016 Widebody kit and sitting on Gold HRE wheels.

TJ Hunt Green 1016 Widebody Lamborghini Huracan at SEMA 2021
Vehicle: TJ HUnt’s 1016 Widebody Lamborghini Huracan
black laborghini aventador sv and pink lamborghini huracan at SEMA 2021
Vehicle: Lamborghini Aventador SV, Lamborghini Huracan


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  1. It is absurd to think that you are dong anyone a service when yo fail to rovide information that goes with the photos. I need the contact info for the Blue 3LT retractable hardtop listed as Supercar Driven. The kid representing the car has a business card with only a QR code that says ust about as much as your post. Nocontact info…nothing. Such is the lectornic age, I guess.

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