Currie Enterprises is one of the biggest names in automotive powersports. At their global headquarters in Corona, California, Currie Enterprises builds high-quality components for street rods, muscle cars, and off-road beasts. 

Frank Currie started the business in the late ‘50s, designing and building rearends for specialty equipment such as scissor lifts, tugs, and personnel carriers. In the late ‘70s, the focus moved on to building rearends for Chevy Vegas that had V8 conversions and needed a stronger differential to handle the power in the custom application. 

With the help of Frank’s 3 sons, John, Charlie, and Ray, the company evolved and grew into the powerhouse that it is today. Currie Enterprises now utilizes a 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to build a wide range of differentials, accessories and suspension components. 

Check out the behind the scenes look at the magic happening in the Currie facility and visit for more information on how they can help you and your performance vehicle.

Currie Enterprises, Street & Offroad Axles
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

Various completed street and off-road axles awaiting will call by their purchaser.

 Offroad Differential Housings
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

Currie keeps off-road vehicle front and rear differential housings in stock to cut down on build and shipping times.

Various Housings & Axles
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

Housings & axles for 30 common street car vehicle platforms are kept in stock so that they may be pulled and shipped immediately.

Currie Enterprises, Axle Housing Tubing Rack
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

Where a housing is born! The axle housing tubing rack.

Currie Enterprises, Frontend Housing Assembly Technician
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

Currie’s frontend housing assembly technician in action.

Currie Enterprises, GM G-Body 12-Bolt Housing
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

100% new GM G-body 12-bolt housing in the bracket jig.

Currie Enterprises, F-350/F-450 Unit Bearings
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

F-350/F-450 unit bearings used in Currie 1-ton front-end applications.

Various Axle Cores
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

Currie has over 30 different axles cores on hand at all times for different applications.

Currie Enterprises, CNC Axle Splitting Machine
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

One of three of Currie’s CNC axle splining machines cutting splines.

Currie Enterprises, RockJock Differentials
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

RockJock 60 & 70 off-road differentials awaiting pickup by their purchasers.

9" 3rd Members
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

9” 3rd members for large P.O. customers are built in stages.

Currie Enterprises, Gear Setup Technician
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

One of Currie’s 4 gear set-up technicians doing a precise gear set up.

Currie Enterprises, Finished Products
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

Ready to go! Finished product awaiting the big brown truck.

Currie Enterprises, JL Wrangler
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

Ray Currie’s new 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon that is equipped with all of Currie’s goodies underneath.

Currie Enterprises, Show Rigs
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

Currie’s over-the-road show rigs. Look for them at a show near you!

Currie Enterprises, Trademarked Names
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

Currie holds numerous trademarked names for their famous components.

Currie Enterprises, Sales Office
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

The Currie Enterprises sales office features Currie family vehicles that get rotated out. The office is currently featuring Frank Currie’s Ford 514 SVO powered ’32 Ford 3 window coupe.

Currie Enterprises, Corona, CA Headquarters
Photo Credit: Currie Enterprises

Currie’s world headquarters in Corona, CA.

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