A great sports car isn’t defined by maximum power. It’s defined by keeping a balance. Tiffany Miller, aka @daaamngiina, and her 2006 Honda S2000 sets the standard of good balance with performance.

red 2006 Honda S2000 owned by daaamngiina
Vehicle: 2006 Honda S2000

If a car puts out too much power, the balance is lost, and control is nothing but a joke. This was the goal Honda set when it first created the S2000 in the AP1 configuration. Unfortunately, the mark was just slightly missed and in 2004, the AP2 configuration was released. With changes to the chassis and the engine, the S2000 became the hallmark of modern sports car performance.

Tiffany Miller's 2006 Honda S2000 F22C1
Engine: Honda F22C1

With that in mind, Tiffany Miller and Sportcar Motion knew that it wouldn’t take much to further improve upon the design. The F22C1 in this AP2 is all stock internally but it does feature items to make it breath in and exhaust out better. First was the change to the Password JDM intake, an intake that creates better flow by minimizing restrictions and reducing turbulence before the throttle body.

Tiffany Miller's, aka daaamngiina, 2006 Honda S2000, side view
Vehicle: 2006 Honda S2000

Once the air and fuel mixture combust, the used-up gasses flow out of the heads and manifold to the J’s Racing Exhaust with the addition of an Invidia Test Pipe. With a Hondata Flash Pro tune on the stock ECU by Dardan, this F22C1 puts out 212 horsepower and 153 torque to the wheels. Now, you probably think that’s rather low as the F22C1 is advertised with 237 horsepower and 162 torque. That’s at the crank and, with losses calculated, Tiffany’s car is making around 244 horsepower and 176 torque at the crank.

Remember what we stated at the beginning: a great sports car isn’t defined by power but by its balance. The chassis balance is enhanced by a Tein Mono Sport Damper, a mono-tube construction rather than the traditional twin-tube damper solutions found in most kits. Doing so allows the oil inside the dampers to remain cooler. This is because the shock oil makes direct contact with the outer body of the damper, which wicks away heat much better than a twin-tube.

2006 Honda S2000 with Milestar MS932 XP owned by daaamngiina
Tires: Milestar MS932 XP

These dampers also go further by allowing for ride height and corner balance adjusting as well as tuning the damping forces. This is done by a needle valve in the piston rod the allows a certain amount of oil to bypass the piston valving until it reaches the force required to open the piston’s valve stack. In addition, a set of Milestar Tires MS932 Sports in 245/45R17s on 17×10 949 Racing 6UL wheels provide the grip required to stay on track during time attack and sporty driving sessions. This grip is also required when coming to a stop as the Stop Tech brake pads and rotors provide more braking force than the OE Honda pads once did.

Buddy Club Roll Center Adjusters ensure that the control arms stay in their correct movements after lowering the car beyond stock. Hardrace Spherical Tie Rod Ends prevent bumpsteer on this lowered S2000 by keeping the tie rods in line with the control arms. Without them, the tie rods would be at an upward angle and push the front tires to a toe-in condition on bump and toe-out on rebound.

Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood on Tiffany Miller's 2006 Honda S2000
Hood: Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood

The body is also just modified to fit the wider wheels and Milestar Tires under the body with a set of Voltex Fender Flares. A custom Sportcar Motion front splitter is made to fit the ASM I.S. Design Aero front bumper. This bumper and splitter combination is designed to allow enough air to flow around the body but also keep it flowing to the Koyo Racing Radiator to keep the engine cool. The Voltex Wing, J’s Racing Rear Diffuser, Password JDM Canards, and Downforce Side Skirt Diffuser all improve the flow of the air around the body, but the Seibon Carbon Hood and Hardtop help reduce its weight.


Rear shot of Tiffany Miller, aka daaamngiina, and her 2006 Honda S2000
Vehicle: 2006 Honda S2000

We look forward to seeing more JDM builds from Tiffany Miller.

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