Barrett Jackson: Prep for the Gavel

Barrett Jackson

Prep for the Gavel

Some of the most extraordinary cars you’ve ever seen are auctioned off at Barrett Jackson, and with the swing of the gavel, another pristine automobile goes off to the highest bidder, but not before some of the most extensive preparation.

cleaning a ford gt

There is more to the process than meets the eye, and a ton of patience and elbow grease goes into each vehicle that crosses the Barrett Jackson auction block.

cadillac eldorado

From paint-correction and detailing to frame-off restorations, each car has a unique story and an owner that has put their blood and sweat into maintaining their cars legacy.

barrett jackson cars

barrett jackson hot rods

Days leading up to and even the day of the auction, the owners meticulously inspect and clean every nook and cranny of their prized possessions.

chevy truck front end

auction floor at barrett jackson

It’s no wonder the largest sponsors for Barrett Jackson are some of the biggest detailing names in the game, such as Meguiar’s, Mother’s, and Adam’s Polishes.

motorcity flathead v8

But it doesn’t stop at the exterior, every inch of these vehicles is polished to perfection.

yenko camaro ss barrett jackson

land cruiser auction

dodge challenger at barret jackson auction

Cars of all shapes and sizes enter the block at Barrett Jackson, but one thing they all have in common is the pure joy they bring to their owners.

craftsman booth at barrett jackson

Prepping a car for auction is more than securing the highest bid, but a final farewell.

chevelle and camaro

old corvettes


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