The New Nissan Z Proto Reveal: Coming Very Soon

The New Nissan Z Proto Reveal: Coming Very Soon

September 1, 2020 – The new Nissan Z car is coming. And it won’t be long til we get to see what it looks like. Dubbed the Nissan Z Proto, the new car was teased in a video highlighting the heritage of the beloved Z badge. It also has a beautiful group rolling shot of all of the past Zs(minus the 370z) that’ll bring a tear to your eye.

The video features clips of Nissan’s past Z models like the 240z, 280zx, Z31 and Z32 300zx, and 350z, and shows off the Z’s deep ties to racing. Though they didn’t show any more of the Z Proto than we’ve already seen, this teaser video lets fans rest assured that Nissan is acknowledging the Z’s roots and is dropping something that will respect that. Set to reveal on Spetember 15th at the Nissan Pavillion and on the, the Nissan Z Proto will be showing its face very soon. Hopefully during the reveal they give us some details on performance aspects of the Z, but right now much is to be under speculation. Will it be a hybrid electric? Will it have some update to the VQ engine? Will it even be called the 400z like everyone thought? No clue. But regardless, we’re happy to see Nissan reviving a classic and much loved sports car.

Nissan z Proto coming soon
Photo Credit: Nissan / Screenshot from Youtube

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