Strange Custom Cars at SEMA

Strange Custom Cars at SEMA

Tank Treads, Fabricated Bodies, and Unique Paint Jobs

These custom cars at SEMA this year really push the limits on what it means to have a modified car. SEMA is a show which primarily focuses on aftermarket performance and cosmetic modifications on cars, and the companies who make them. But among the supercars, tuners, truck, and muscle you get some very creative, and strange creations from some innovative and possibly mentally unstable builders. These guys bring a unique perspective, and love them or hate them, they definitely set the bar for modifications.

These are our best and strangest custom cars we saw at SEMA this year in Las Vegas.

First up we saw a couple of snow track oddities that were not the Ford Bronco. The riveted one being a Custom Bug Out Jeep Gladiator built by Expedition Vehicle Outfitters with custom metalwork done to it. If one of the treads somehow falls off they have a spare Milestar Patagonia Tire attached to the back of the vehicle as well, just in case.

Custom Jeep Gladiator Bug Out expedition vehicle outfitters Dana Pro Parts Riveted tank track jeep at SEMA 2021
Vehicle: Custom Jeep Gladiator Bug Out
Booth: Dana Pro Parts

We also saw this Humvee with snow treads, but this one had a giant Battleship horn attached to it by ProdigyTV on youtube.

Battleship Horn Snow Track Humvee at SEMA 2021
Vehicle: Battleship Horn Track Humvee
Booth: Horn Blasters

Artist Rocketbyz, showed off this Pikes Peak ready Audi Quattro with his signature neon paint splatter paint job. Reminiscent of all the previous art cars from the past.

Rocketbyz Pikespeak Audi Quatro
Vehicle: Rocketbyz Pikespeak Audi Quattro

Chevy Revealed a custom desert Off-Road concept truck called the Chevy Beast based off the Silverado platform. It has 5 link suspension, Four wheel drive and a body that looks like its built for the UNSC.

Chevy Beast Off road Desert Runner at SEMA 2021
Vehicle: Chevy Beast Off-Road Concept
Chevy Beast Off road Desert Runner at SEMA 2021
Vehicle: Chevy Beast Off-Road Concept
Booth: Chevrolet

Next Up we have a couple of Custom Trucks, one low one hight. The blue one is a Hodson JRT10 Truck with a Jeep Wagoneer front end and a Viper V10 engine.

Hodson Viper SRT10 Jeep Gladiator Truck at SEMA 2021
Vehicle: Hodson JRT10 Custom

This one is a 6×6 C10 with 1000hp and a wing instead of a truck-bed built by Deberti.

1000HP LSX TANDEM AXLE C10 BY DEBERTI Grey Chevy c10 6x6 at SEMA 2021
Vehicle: Deberti 1000HP LSX Tandem Axle C10
Booth: HP Tuners



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